Movie Night @ DPC ~ Nov 11

6:45 till 9:00 PM Saturday Nov. 11 2017 ~ Come to the CE bldg. and we’ll provide the popcorn!

The film begins during a thunderstorm in 1505, as Luther is returning to his home. For fear of losing his life in the storm, Luther commits his life to God and becomes an Augustinian monk.

1507, Luther is a monk at St. Augustine’s Monastery in Erfurt. During his time at the monastery, he is constantly troubled by viewing God as a God of hate and vengeance& he is encouraged by older monk who is his supervisor and mentor who tells Luther to look to Christ instead of himself.

In Rome, he becomes troubled by the wicked lifestyles of those in the city. It is during this time that Luther begins to question the veracity of indulgences.

He returns to Germany, where he begins to teach his congregation that God is not a God of hate, but a God of his church, Luther denounces the indulgences, calling them “just a piece of paper.” He then posts his 95 theses on the door of the church, calling for an open debate regarding the indulgences. For this act, Luther is called to Augsburg, where he is questioned by church officials.

After his trial at Worms, Luther is forced into hiding. Meanwhile, Luther translates the Bible into German.

The film ends with the following words: “What happened at Augsburg pushed open the door of religious freedom. economics, politics, education and music, and his translation of the Bible became a foundation stone of the German language.”