From Reverend Ken Larter

October 8, 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

This week saw two projects successfully finished.  The new roof over our Sanctuary, and the Holocaust Memorial, installed by Ken and Adam Freitag with meticulous attention to detail.  I am thankful beyond measure the Lord has allowed me to follow both these projects through from the beginning.  The replacement of the roof has been discussed for years, and thanks to wise management of our portfolio, and the generous contributions of many members and friends, we now have a beautiful and secure roof over our heads.  Although it was one family firm that did the hard physical labor of construction, many individuals contributed, both financially, emotionally and organizationally to its success.  We cannot name all of you, lest I unintentionally forget anyone.  You know, however, who you are and the unique contributions you made.  I was very moved by the fact that one man, Oakford Schalick, who has been passionately involved in this project  was brought by ambulance to see for himself what has been accomplished.  Friends from the congregation were present to personally thank him and rejoice together in what the Lord has done.  It reminded me that what may appear at one level to be simply a Capital improvement, is also an exercise in fellowship and relational cooperation.  The installation of Joe Ross’s elegantly designed Holocaust Memorial was the fulfillment of a hope and dream I had after my journey to concentration camps in Poland with a survivor of the horrors of Auschwitz.  The placement in our cemetery of this monument announces to the whole community our solidarity with the Jewish people, and our belief in God’s ongoing redemptive purposes for Israel. The message contained in both these projects is that despite the turmoil and troubles of the present time, the Lord’s cause and service of His people continues to move forward.  We won’t capture any headlines, or garner media attention, but we can see for ourselves indications of the Lord’s blessing on our congregation.  This offers hope for our present witness and hints of future usefulness. From my heart, thank you to everyone whose gifts, love and labor contributed to this week of joyful accomplishment. 

Soli Deo Gloria

Dear Members and Friends,

Worship Protocol for Congregants

What to Expect

  • No Sunday School or Nursery will be provided until further notice.
  • Elders continue to urge those who are reluctant, sick or especially vulnerable to worship in electronic unison from their homes.
  • The church sexton will thoroughly clean the Sanctuary on Friday and Saturday as customary while wearing gloves and mask. All commonly touched surfaces- pew tops, door handles and toilet room surfaces- will be wiped with disinfectant.
  • In consideration for others and for your own protection; all are requested to wear masks while entering and exiting the Sanctuary, maintain six feet of distance to other non-family attendees and refrain from hugs, handshakes and similar physical contact.
  • In order to facilitate social distancing guidelines, every other pew will be marked “Please, No Seating This Pew”. In addition, pews available for seating will be marked “Please, No Seating this Side” on alternating ends in order to maximize the distance between attending worshipers. Latecomers may be ushered to available seating, which may include choir pews or opposite ends of occupied pews.
  • After the service, ushers will direct pews to exit beginning from the rear of the Sanctuary first. In consideration for others and for your own protection; particular care is requested to maintain social distancing guidelines.